Liquor & Trading

Jai Krishan Liquors Pvt. Ltd. (JKL) the flagship consistently profit making company commenced its business in 1992. Over a period, JKL has diversified its business growth across NCR region. The wholesale, retail, distribution network, sales management, coordination with Government and other regulatory agencies involved in liquor sales policy, auctions, trade management and logistic support have resulted in JKL’s comprehensive experience and expertise in Liquor trading across states with different regulatory environment. The Group had registered sales of more than 250 crore consistently for few years in succession in the state of U.P alone. This trend was also repeated in the neighboring states of Haryana & Punjab with consistent annual sales turnover of around Rs. 200 crores. With its experience and expertise, the Group created its active presence and substantial sales with proactive sales strategy in otherwise low liquor consuming state like Rajasthan.

JKL has substantial reserve and surplus visa-vis its paid-up capital with negligible debt profile and huge leverage available due to its free reserves and financial strength coupled with liquor sales management expertise.